Heroes puts performers and creativity first.
In 2016 Heroes won the Edinburgh Comedy Award Panel Prize “Spirit of the Fringe” for producing Iraq Out & Loud. A non-stop reading of the Chilcot Report that was one of the most talked about events of the Fringe that year. When asked how we were going to follow that in 2017 Bob Slayer replied:
“I think we are just going to have a really solid year”
And oh crikey did we ever! We did so well that they couldn’t take the panel prize off us.
We had 4 shows nominated for the Edinburgh Awards
– Rob Kemp’s The Elvis Dead – Best Newcomer
– Lucy Pearman Maid of Cabbage – Best Newcomer
– Spencer Jones The Audition – Best Show
– Mat Ewins: Adventureman 7 – Best Show
Also on the awards long list were: Desiree Burch, John Luke Roberts and Ari Eldjárn
Also in 2017 Rob Kemp also won an Amused Moose Award, Barry Award and Malcolm Hardee Award. Bob Slayer won Barry Award’s Best Person at the Fringe. Spencer Jones Barry Award’s Best Show. Mark Dean Quinn won a Malcolm Hardee Award.

It’s not all about awards and we can’t promise everyone who performs with us will win one
BUT what we do is make sure that ALL our shows have creative freedom, a good time and importantly are able to make enough money to keep doing it.


We will have have the venues we had in 2017 and maybe a new room or two tbc?
(Click venue for more info)

All our Venues are Staffed and have Good solid production

  • Technical Staff
  • Front of House Staff
  • Dedicated Box Office.
  • PA, Lights, (and Projector dependent on room)
  • Any additional production required can be brought in.
  • Or we can arrange it at cost price. We will never look to make money by charging rental on production
    (We think venues that add these sort of hidden costs should be deeply embarrassed! See: Why I might work at the Pleasance as a Microphone)

We think this is the best deal on the Fringe but do tell us if you want to do something different

  1. Shows keep 90% of Ticket Sales (10% to Heroes)
  2. Shows keep 100% bucket £££. Providing cash in August
  3. Production contribution = £250 one off fee (payable by April 1st)


  1. You must register your own show with by March (discount deadline)
  2. Ticket prices generally range from £5 to £10 (With £5 being the default)
  3. Heroes shows are generally “PWYW” (“Buy a ticket in advance to guarantee a seat OR Pay What You Want on exit…”) but can also be listed as fully paid tickets


  1. Advance sales are through and our own box office
  2. Payout for all shows is direct to you from the Fringe at the end of Sept we then invoice our 10%
  3. We only take our % if acts sells more then £1000 in advance sales

All Logos you need are here


We are very careful to not only select the performers that we think are the best but also that will fit in well with other performers in the venue. For that reason selection is by a team / committee of core performers and crew. Please don’t harass or chastise any individual. And Bob is just the drunken figurehead. We don’t even let him have the wifi password.
We start allocating in Jan and aim to have the line up in place by Edfringe earlybird registration deadline.

Oct – Dec – Collecting Interest
Jan – March – Allocating & offers


OR drop us an email akabobs at