Heroes Manifesto 2017
As reigning ‘Spirit of the Fringe’, we at Heroes have decided that its time for us to take over the Fringe… Up the Revolution!
Our guerilla tactics, innovative model and word of mouth success has seen us add a venue every year since we started five years ago.
In 2017 we are very proud to add the new Monkey Barrel Comedy Club to the Heroes growing family, this will give us two more purpose built comedy rooms centrally located on Blair St. We also have The Hive, Dragonfly, BlundaBus as well as the Chilcot & Happy Sheds which will be back. This takes us from 44 shows last year to 66 this August….
Heroes has doubled our ticket sales every year since we started 7 years ago. If we were to carry on at this rate (and why not eh?) In another 7 years we will sell 2.2 million tickets: Which is EVERY SINGLE TICKET AT THE FRINGE!! The only way the established Fringe Industry can prevent us taking over is a Bay of Pigs style counter invasion…  OR they could simply decide to put the artist first and offer creative deals that don’t put artists in debt?
Heroes = Embarrassing the establishment and putting the Fringe back into the hands of artists.